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The Delta Museum and Archives Society is a registered non-profit society that depends on government grants, private donations and fund-raising efforts to provide its services to the community of Delta.   The society operates three facilities: the Delta Museum  Delta Archives and Edgar Dunning Reading Room, and a Program and Administrative Annex.

The Delta Museum and Archives Society (DMAS) was established in 1969 and has provided the community with high quality exhibitions, public and school programs and outstanding services in research and conservation. The DMAS is proud of the services it provides to the community of Delta and beyond. Born from the passionate efforts of local residents with personal roots in Delta's history, the DMAS has developed into a professional organization that strives to perform to high standards and meet the expectations of the community it serves.

Our Vision We envision a community where people are inspired by Delta’s diverse cultural and natural heritage and work together to build a future full of possibility.

Our Mission The Delta Museum and Archives Society is a vibrant organization that celebrates Delta's cultural and natural heritage, and encourages awareness and education through preservation, research, exhibitions, outreach and collaboration.

Located in the heart of Ladner Village, the Delta Museum offers visitors and researchers an opportunity to discover our community's recent and distant past through exciting new exhibits, fun activities and special programs.


The Delta Archives and Edgar Dunning Reading Room is located near the Corporation of Delta's city hall and houses Delta's community and municipal records. Researchers have access to the Archives' maps, documents, photographs, and reference library.


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4918 Delta Street

4450 Clarence Taylor Crescent

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Delta History Hunters - Thursday, June 16th, 2016
Join us for a walk along Delta’s Millennium Trail, meeting at Captains Cove Marina on Ferry Rd at 9:30am
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Delta Museum & Archives Society
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